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Do you love challenge and exploit game? If so, Biker Exploit will make your day. It’s a game in which you have to drive a bike while doing awesome stunts. Biker Exploit is a fun blast if you enjoy bike driving. Visit now if you wanna give it a try.
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Bike Exploit is a sport game in the bike driving type. Your goal is to complete race by reaching the target score and that before timer is on zero. Your score depend on the number of stunts you perform. You need to get that score before your time is over. Avoid crashing at any cost if you don’t want to restart levels. Timer and score are on top. Several racing games of this kind are available for free and without download on

Comment jouer à Biker Exploit


Ready to start? If yes, here are the controls and rules. Click on ‘’Play’’, ‘’1’’ and ‘’Continue’’ to start playing. Drive your bike using the four arrow keys. The Space bar is for jumping. Your bike footbrake is the Shift key. Execute stunts while driving in air thanks to Z, X, C, V and B keys. As a tip, the more stunts you perform, the higher your score. Share the game on Facebook or Google+.

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